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I’ve been away from the blogsphere since my son was born three months ago and what did I miss?

Well, my Alexa Rank fell from about 200,000+ to 700,000+, my Google Page Rank increased to PR4 and my Technorati rank remained pretty stable about 113.

I’ve decided to take a look at the various social networking and blogging sites I use to see what happened there. Not much happened on Technorati. It still features nude celebrities, the American election and sex tapes of Asian politicians. MyBlogLog is still ugly and looks like something created seven years ago.

So what did I miss while I was away?

  • Google updated their PageRank algorithm. Good for me, bad for several other sites. I still don’t get it, but I guess they didn’t like the competition from Text-Link-Ads.
  • Connected Internet got a new design and Everton’s income dropped a bit. I feel part time guilty for that, because I didn’t post any of my quality money-generating FIFA 08 posts on Connected Internet.
  • Blogrush seems to be dying. I’ll let the widget stay for a week or two. If it doens’t generate any traffic, it’s gone.
  • NoFollow seems to be more important than ever now. I’ll have to check all my widgets and links.
  • I had about 10,000 unread posts in Bloglines. I read the most recent posts and decided the rest went MIA
  • Entrecard… What is that? After reading several “Win Entrecard Credit”-posts in Bloglines, that was the first question on my mind.

Speaking of Entrecards, after reading ProBlogger’s interview with  Graham Langdon and Emma’s Entrecard recommendation. I’ve decided to give Entrecard a shot.
I’ve also decided to more and less forget about MySpace and focus on my Facebook-profile.

Oh and I almost forgot one of my faithful readers has requested the “Show Me Your Desktop”-series again. I’ll do my utmost to relaunch it.

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