Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Ready For Public Beta

July 5, 2007

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According to Mozilla’s plans the first beta version of Firefox 3 will be ready July 31st, the second in September and the final release at the end of the year.

The working name of Firefox 3 is Gran Paradiso and it has an improved SQLite Engine. It is the database that works as storage for “Places”, which is the new manager for history and bookmarks.

So What Else Is New?

The latest alfa-version has improved cookie-perfomance and support for certain homepage-related settings, like text size. There are rumours of a new security filter based on Google’s list of malicious webpages. Firefox 3 will block any harmful pages according to Google’s list. Finally the add-on and download tools are improved.

The current version is Alpha 6 and is only recommended for developers and brave individuals. If you belong to one of them you can download Firefox 3 Alpha 6 here.

Since the bookmarks now run on “Places” they aren’t compatible with Firefox 2. You have convert your bookmarks.html to SQLite. If you add any new bookmarks to Firefox 2, you have to manually import the bookmarks to “Places”.

Bonus Info

If you are still running Firefox 1.5 you should upgrade immediately. Firefox 1.5 is currently unsupported and has several security issues. After Mozilla encouraged FF 1.5 users to upgrade the servers became rather stressed with 30 downloads per second. Currently there are “only” 13 downloads per second.

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