Beta Test Symantec’s 2008 Products

July 7, 2007

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Symantec is looking for beta testers for two of its newest products, Norton Internet Security 2008 and Norton AntiVirus 2008. Both are slated to ship later this year, but the company has opened up the beta process to iron out the bugs before its final release. One of the major new features included in both applications is SONAR, which stands for Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response.

SONAR adds behavior-based protection to Symantec’s applications in order to detect emerging spyware and viruses even before they are included in traditional signature-based definition files. The new versions of the company’s software should also provide performance enhancements and make installation over a home network easier. Those interested in trying out the products can visit the Symantec Beta Web site.

Other interesting products in beta is: SmartPhone Security Premier Edition, Systemworks for Vista and Antibot.

I used to be a huge Norton fan, unfortunately the programs have become a huge resource hog, so I’m not using any of their products anymore. Instead I use Eset NOD32 as Antivirus and Comodo Firewall (once they release a version for Vista).

What is your preferred security product?

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